Grew up on a beach, moved to a city.

Addictions: tea, organization & the New Jersey Devils.
In love with digital design and coding.

Motto: Keep learning.

Education: Quinnipiac University, Interactive Digital Design


Digital Experience Director
G3 Communications, 2015-Present


Digital Design Specialist
G3 Communications,


Digital Designer
Northstar Travel Media, 2011-2013


Web design. Front-end development.
HTML5. CSS3. Bootstrap. JS.

Email & Newsletter design.
HTML. In-line styles.

Dreamweaver. Photoshop. Illustrator. WordPress.


The beach.
A good glass of wine.
Zog. Hockey.

My Work

I always planned to be a print designer.. until I was one.

My favorite thing about the digital space is that it's always changing. Browsers, ESPs and devices are constantly evolving—forcing us to keep up with new updates, boundaries and specifications.

As the Digital Experience Director at G3 Communications, I work on a wide range of projects. I live & breath email, and website design/development. Because of our diverse client needs, I also manage websites on WordPress and oversee the design/developement of custom assessments. In this poisition, I also have the oportunity to work closely with the sales team on developing new offers.

To get a better feel for my style and work, check out my Tumblr below. For my voice and thoughts, my blog!



Melanie Kinney
Somewhere on the East Coast